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The Wall Street Journal reports that Subway Restaurants is achieving significant growth by “increasingly moving into locations where rivals have feared - or neglected -- to tread. In the past several years, Subway has opened inside a church in upstate New York, a handful of coin-operated laundries in California, a Goodwill Industries store in South Carolina, a car dealership in Germany and an appliance store in Venezuela. It has more than 110 restaurants inside hospitals.”

Subway seems to be far ahead of all its fast food competition in working this strategy. “Subway, with a menu anchored by cold cuts, has an easier time opening in unorthodox spots because it has a simpler kitchen than traditional fast-food restaurants that require frying and grilling equipment,” according to the Journal. “And Subway has edged out hamburger chains and doughnut shops at hospitals and religious facilities partly because it promotes its sandwiches as a fresher, healthier alternative to traditional fast-food.”
KC's View:
Smart marketing. A “build it and they will come” approach to retailing simply is old school. In the new world order, you have to find new ways to appeal and reach out to consumers where they are.