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The New York Times reports that in act of defiance and civil obedience, “a handful of restaurants here that never carry foie gras, the fattened livers of ducks and geese, featured it on the very day that Chicago became the first city in the nation to outlaw sale of the delicacy.”

The foie gras ban was enacted because of concerns about how the ducks and geese are treated before being turned into food. A lawsuit also has been filed to overturn the ban.

None of the restaurants serving the foie gras were raided by local authorities, and there are suggestions that because enforcement will be difficult at best, it in fact is a law without teeth. So to speak.
KC's View:
: One restaurateur tells the Times that this is a slippery slope, that the next thing you know they’ll be outlawing Brussels sprouts.

If we get to vote, we’d suggest a federal ban on Brussels sprouts, and not this localized stuff.

If we get a vote.