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MSNBC reports that beginning today, “, launched last year by the United Food and Commercial Workers union, will visit 35 cities in 19 states for 35 days of rallies, town hall meetings and state fair visits to back its calls on Wal-Mart for higher pay and better health insurance for workers.”

The organization seems to be tying itself to Democratic Party political fortunes, scheduling appearances with politicians including Ohio Senate candidate Sherrod Brown, Connecticut Senate candidate Ned Lamont, Iowa Gov. Tom Vilsack and former vice presidential candidate and probable 2008 presidential contender John Edwards.

• The Dallas Morning News reports that “Wal-Mart's Dallas-area grocery market share increased to 31.1 percent in June, gaining 3.6 percentage points since January, or just slightly more than SuperTarget's 3.2 percent total…in the four-county Fort Worth area, Wal-Mart's share jumped to 36.5 percent from 33 percent in January.”
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