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• Wal-Mart has hired Leslie Dach, the vice chairman of Edelman Public Relations, to be its new executive vice president of Corporate Affairs and Government Relations, reporting directly to CEO Lee Scott.

For the past year, Dach has been running Edelman’s public relations support efforts on behalf of Wal-Mart, and he said yesterday that he decided to join the retailer because “I've seen their commitment to making improvements in health care, to leading on sustainability, to creating jobs, and that's what's been persuasive to me. I believe the company is changing and the change is real.”

However, one anti-Wal-Mart activist group questioned the move. Wal-Mart Watch released a statement saying, "Today's announcement isn't surprising, given the huge amount of time and money that Wal-Mart spends on Edelman damage control. Their choice of yet another public relations executive to head up a major department makes us question the true intentions of Wal-Mart's purported transformation.”
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