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Published reports out of the Midwest say that A&P-owned Farmer Jack, which is getting squeezed by both Kroger and Meijer, is moving to a new “hybrid” format that will combine elements of a revamped fresh foods operation with warehouse shelving and a stronger discount program.
KC's View:
This is interesting since it was only a week ago that Eric Claus, CEO of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P), said that the supermarket is headed for extinction "like the dodo bird," and that the company is “getting out of the middle.” The company’s strategy is to focus on the high end – through fresh food and service-oriented stores – and the value end – through its no-frills Food Basics stores. “In addition, A&P is upgrading its Food Emporium stores to appeal to the most affluent shoppers in select markets and will introduce upscale Food Emporium branded products -- such as $30-a-bottle balsamic vinegar -- to its other stores.”

In the case of Farmer Jack – or at least a couple of its stores – it sounds like it may be combining elements of the high end and the value end in one box.