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• The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that while there has been considerable controversy and even a lawsuit over Coca-Cola’s willingness to abandon direct store delivery (DSD) in favor of warehouse delivery in isolated cases, in fact there are a number of examples of Coke making such a shift.

The case that generated the lawsuit was when Coke agreed to ship Powerade to Wal-Mart warehouses, but there also reportedly are cases of Coke delivering Dasani water to various Costco warehouses, and Minute Maid juices to Valero Energy warehouses that service the company’s c-stores.

HealthDay News reports that there seems to be little evidence that nutritional supplements and changes in diet can help cancer patients influence the course of their diseases, though it stresses that it is difficult to draw definitive conclusions based on studies done to this point, and that common sense seems to suggest that healthy eating is always better for you that unhealthy eating.

The sole exception appears to be breast cancer, which seems to respond to certain dietary changes.

CBS-4 in Commerce City, Colorado reports on a new grocery store there, Rancho Liborio, that says it will offer the freshest poultry by slaughtering live chickens in front of customers at the store. “It is a service to the customer,” says Anthony Trujillo, co-owner of the Rancho Liborio, noting that the killing will take place via electric shock.

According to CBS, “the USDA and the Tri-County Health Department have approved the poultry department. Officials with Commerce City's Planning Commission must give approval in September with the City Council set to take up the issue in October.
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