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• The Detroit Free Press reports that Meijer has begun selling groceries on line – 40,000 non-perishable mainstream and specialty items, some of which are not available in-store. The retailer also is sourcing products that are not even listed on its website but are requested by shoppers and having them delivered to shoppers via UPS.

The move comes two months after started selling groceries on its website. The Amazon initiative, which was only formally announced yesterday and reported in most media outlets, was reported exclusively on MNB last May 25.

It also comes a week after Albertsons LLC, the part of the company acquired by Cerberus Capital Management, said it was getting out of the e-grocery business.
KC's View:
What Meijer is doing, whether management has read the book or not, is trying to create for itself a kind of “long tail” business model that allows it to compete in areas where other companies are not with products that nobody else is selling.

It’s smart.