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Stonyfield Europe, a new organic dairy firm co-owned by US-based Stonyfield Farm and Paris-based Groupe DANONE, has acquired more than one-third of Irish organic dairy leader Glenisk.

Stonyfield reportedly will try and replicate its US business model in Europe, with one goal being to help Glenisk to ramp up and expand its production.
KC's View:
Ironically, it was just yesterday that we reported how despite the expansion of organic dairy farms in the US, they are having trouble keeping up with demand…the upshot being that manufacturers such as Stonyfield have had to discontinue certain product lines because they cannot find enough milk.

We wonder if this acquisition, in addition to being about building a European business, also will help a company like Stonyfield address this issue.

And we wonder what, if any, the reaction in the US organic community would be to such imports. We’re guessing that it’ll be complicated…but maybe that’s because everything always seems to be complicated.