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The Wine Market Council says that its most recent surveys suggest that not only are Americans drinking more wine – with average per capita consumption now at 2.77 gallons – but Americans in their twenties seem to be dramatically increasing their consumption.

Not only that, but the council says that these twentysomethings also tend to be more sophisticated about wine, with a broader and deeper understanding of different varietals and vintages, which has led to them buying more and better wine.
KC's View:
We suspect that an understanding and appreciation for wine is likely to engender more responsible drinking as well. Which is a good thing.

Ironically, a Stanford University study suggests that the French may be missing out on this growth curve. Weekly sales of French wine in US cities dropped 13 percent during the six months following the beginning of the war in Iraq, and there are suggestions that the long-term decrease in demand for French wine has cost the industry million of dollars in sales.