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The Times of London reports on what McDonald's is trying to do to build market share in London:

"A gleaming refurbished restaurant on the Strand in central London was doing a roaring trade last Thursday evening. Men in smart business suits ordered from a menu that included crispy chicken salads, roast beef and melted-cheese toasted sandwiches. Teenagers searched for the latest football news on Internet terminals.

"But this is not just any upmarket cafe bar. With leather sofas and chrome tables, this is the latest incarnation of the UK operations of McDonald’s, the world’s biggest fast-food seller."

In addition to this test format, McDonald's is closing some units and relocating others as it looks to maximize its potential. And, the Times writes, "Eight new restaurant formats, bearing internal codenames such as Eternity and United, have been developed. Each will focus on a different set of demographics, such as families and younger consumers demanding a more “urban” feel. Depending on their performance, the new designs will be extended to 200 outlets over the next three years."
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