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The New York Times reports that the Connecticut State Senate has passed a sweeping ban on the sale of soft drinks in the state's public schools.

"Under the bill, schools would not be permitted to sell regular or diet soda or sports drinks like Gatorade," according to the New York Times. "A narrow exception would allow those drinks to be sold at concession stands during school-sponsored events after school and on weekends. The legislation would allow school vending machines and stores to stock only low-fat and nonfat milk, soy or rice milk, and 100 percent fruit and vegetable drinks."

The bill now goes to the state House of Representatives, where a battle over the bill's provisions is expected. If passed there, the bill goes to the desk of Gov. M. Jodi Rell – who is expected to sign it.
KC's View:
As a parent with two children in Connecticut public schools, we have no problem with this legislation. And this isn’t passing the buck…it is, in fact, looking for our schools to reflect our feelings about childhood nutrition.