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Business Week has released its list of the world's 100 most innovative companies, and top five are, in order, Apple, Google, 3M, Toyota and Microsoft.

Retailers are well represented on the list: Starbucks (9), Ikea (19), Wal-Mart (20), Amazon (21), Target (22), Whole Foods (36), Tesco (38), Costco (84), Home Depot (92), Gap (94), and McDonald's (100).

Other food/HBC industry-related companies making the list included Procter & Gamble (7), Danone (39), PepsiCo (41), L'Oreal (50), Johnson & Johnson (53), Pfizer (55), Nestle (69), Coca-Cola (74), and Unilever (95).

"Today," Business Week writes, "innovation is about much more than new products. It is about reinventing business processes and building entirely new markets that meet untapped customer needs. Most important, as the Internet and globalization widen the pool of new ideas, it's about selecting and executing the right ideas and bringing them to market in record time."

This list, the second such ranking, was compiled by the magazine's editors along with the Boston Consulting Group.
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