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The Denver Post reports that Colorado Gov. Bill Owens, a self-described fan of McDonald's fast food, has vetoed a bill that would have forced schools to provide healthier food in their vending machines.

However, Owens said that he vetoed the bill not because he is against healthier food, but because he felt the government ought not to be forcing school districts to be making the changes. Just a year ago, Owens said, he signed legislation asking school districts to provide healthier food, and it seems too early to turn the request into a mandate.
KC's View:
We certainly don’t disagree that if it works, a request is better than a mandate.

We are, however, consistently amused by the people who say that the "government" shouldn’t mandate this or shouldn't mandate that. Amused because, ideally, "government" should just be a tool of the people.

If government does or doesn’t do things because of politics or money or both, then perhaps it is a tool of the wrong forces and therefore should be minimized or even ignored. But if parents believe that school districts should be required to offer healthier food, than that doesn’t seem like such a malevolent use of governmental power.