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• Winn-Dixie is asking the bankruptcy judge overseeing its financial affairs for a 70-day extension before it has to file a reorganization plan. This is the fifth extension that the company has requested, and it says it needs the time to reach agreement with its creditors.

• Trader Joe's reportedly will open its first store in Wisconsin, according to the Business Journal of Milwaukee, at the Bayshore Mall in Milwaukee.

• Oakville Grocery, the upscale specialty supermarket company that operates four stores in California - in Healdsburg, Oakville in Napa Valley, Palo Alto and San Francisco – will open a new unit in the Victory Park development north of Dallas.

The Dallas Business Journal reports that "Oakville Grocery comes with a 120-year-old history. The retailer is best known in California for its array of gourmet and 'artisan' products utilizing local produce and purveyors."

• The Sunday Times of London reports on all the publicity that Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have gotten with their new stores in New York City, noting that at least part of the reason is that their offerings stand out in sharp relief compared to the city's traditional supermarkets. "New York supermarkets are East European in their grimness," the Times writes. "They make Kwik Save look like Harrods food hall. Outside the corner stores are racks of flowers that wouldn’t tempt a cheating husband in a petrol station. Shop staff seem to spend half their days peeling off dead leaves in the hope of making the flowers look fresh."
KC's View:
We were reminded when reading the Sunday Times story of a line from "French Connection II," in which Gene Hackman's New York detective, Popeye Doyle, says, "I'd rather be a lamppost in New York than the president of France."

We suspect he'd feel the same way about the UK.