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The tourism committee of the Florida House of Representatives has approved a proposal that would make key lime pie the official state pie.

However, this proposal – backed by interests that believe key limes reflect positively on the state’s citrus industry – is hardly going to fly through the legislative process. Published reports say that the key lime pie designation is opposed by varying lobbies that are supporting either pecan pie or strawberry pie.

And, there are reports that there may be support brewing for either the sweet potato pie or the chicken pot pie, according to United Press International.
KC's View:
It is these kinds of stories that make us wonder about the absurdity of modern democracy.

Listen, we happen to be a pie fanatic. And key lime is our favorite kind of pie.

But the idea that the Florida legislature, or any legislature, would actually spend a moment of time debating this sort of questions is not just disquieting, but dispiriting.

If these clowns have so little on their plates that they can spend valuable time and money focusing on this nonsense, we have a suggestion that will actually serve both taxpayers and democracy.

Shut up, turn out the lights, lock the doors, and go home.

The republic will survive. Trust us.