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• Workers at one Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Express in British Columbia, Canada, have received union certification seven months after they voted in favor of unionization. Workers at another Tire and Lube Express in the province voted not to unionize.

This is the second such Wal-Mart location to be organized by the UFCW.

• Published reports say that Wal-Mart has been sued by a Georgia man upset because the retailer has tried to stop him from printing and selling t-shirts comparing Wal-Mart’s business practices to the Holocaust. The t-shirts refer to Wal-Mart’s initiatives as the “Wal-ocaust.”

Wal-Mart says that this is a patent infringement issue, while the man, Charles Smith, says it is a free press issue.

KC's View:
Wal-Mart is only bringing more attention to this guy by making as issue out of the t-shirts. That said, comparing the company’s efforts to the Holocaust is in incredibly bad taste. Sometimes, enjoying the right of freedom of speech means knowing enough to keep your mouth shut.