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• Published reports say that Dutch supermarkets are dealing with a new problem – “massive” numbers of empty Coke bottles that are being across the border from Belgium and returned to the stores for a deposit. The problem is that the Netherlands does not have a bottle deposit law, but the bottles in the Netherlands and Belgium are identical – and crafty consumers are taking advantage of the situation.

• Canada-based c-store chain Alimentation Couche-Tard continued its movement in the US, announcing that it is acquiring 40 stores in the Indianapolis region worth $160 million in annual sales from Shell Oil Products Inc.

• Burger King has introduced a new value menu with 10 items all priced at $1.39 or less, which it hopes will attract cost-conscious consumers. The move also makes Burger King more competitive with Wendy’s and McDonald’s, each of which has a value menu.

• The Chicago Tribune reports that McDonald’s plans a national roll out of what it describes as a stronger, richer, premium cup of coffee that will come in a newly designed cup - and that it believes will help it build its breakfast business and compete more effectively against Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks.
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