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Crain’s Chicago Business reports that Kraft Foods plans to grow sales by developing “products for which consumers are willing to pay more,” and launching “new convenience-minded products such as Country Time lemonade and Kool-Aid single-serve stick packs, Macaroni and Cheese in disposable cups and Kraft ‘to go’ packets containing Triscuits and cheese. Kraft also is expanding Oreos beyond cookies with Oreo candy bars and ‘ChocoStix.’ And the Capri Sun brand will be used not only on juice but also on new flavored water.”

And the Chicago Sun Times reports this morning that “Kraft Foods Inc. believes consumers' desire for healthy food will give its profits a shot in the arm,” that it plans to focus on “new products that are health-conscience, convenient and tasty,” including “nutritionally fortified versions of popular foods, such as cheese, macaroni and cheese and Tang powdered drink mix.”
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