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McDonald’s has introduced a new series of television commercials that attempt to make its longtime mascot Ronald McDonald more attractive to twentysomething consumers, as opposed to the kid-friendly image that previously has been on display.

Advertising analysts say that part of the impetus is to compete more effectively with the “King” mascot being used to some advantage by Burger King in a new series of commercials.

Meanwhile, a North Carolina woman has filed suit against McDonald’s, claiming that she found blood smeared inside a bag of French fries. The blood reportedly came from an employee who suffered a cut but didn’t use a bandage; the employee apparently was fired.
KC's View:
First we find out that Mickey D’s cooks its French fries in beef-flavored oil, which offends vegetarians. Then we find out that they are seasoned with wheat and dairy products, creating problems for people with food allergies.

Now, blood on the fries…which while not a system-wide problem, certainly says something about McDonald’s training procedures.

Vampires may be the only ones not offended.