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In what probably was an inevitable surge in popularity, considering that salsa already is a more popular condiment than ketchup, the Chicago Tribune reports that tortillas are pushing their way into American menus.

Sales of tortillas have doubled to more than $6 billion over the past decade, not surprising since the country’s Hispanic population has increased from 35 million to 41 million during the past give years. Of course, it isn’t just Hispanics who are buying tortillas, and the dramatic growth in popularity reflects enthusiasm for the product on the part of non-Hispanics as well.

At the same time, the category has been goosed by a simple change of name – just calling it a “wrap” instead of a tortilla opens the consumer imagination to putting non-Mexican food on it.

"Americans are taste junkies," says Bill Briwa, who teaches Mexican cuisine at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone, located in California's Napa Valley. "Tortillas are riding on the back of a lot of other things that are going on--interest in ethnic food, interest in low carbs. And, people want good value."
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