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It was just over a week ago that McDonald’s announced that its French fries actually have more trans fats than previously acknowledged, saying that the change had more to do with how such things are measured.

Now, the company is saying that wheat and dairy ingredients are used to flavor its French fries – which means that they also are potential allergens, and can cause negative reactions in people who are sensitive to such products.

Previously, McDonald’s had said that its fries were free of gluten and dairy and therefore safe to eat for people who suffer from food allergies. Three years ago, the company acknowledged that its fries were cooked in beef-flavored oil, not vegetable oil as had previously been stated. (The company paid $10 million to settle a lawsuit in this case.)

McDonald’s management said it was making the admission voluntarily because science had improved enough for it to know things it didn’t know before.
KC's View:
We’re not an expert on such things. But if McDonald’s French fries are being cooked in beef-flavored oil and also contain traces of dairy, doesn’t that also create problems for people who have religious reasons for certain dietary restrictions?