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MSNBC reports on a new study saying that “the odors from foods ranging from garlic and onions to ginger and strawberries may be nutritional signals that the human nose has learned to recognize.” In other words, often the foods and ingredients that smell the best are the ones that are healthiest for us.

However, the study – first published in the journal, Science - also notes that modern breeding techniques have focused on increasing “color, shape, yield and disease resistance instead of flavor and nutrition.” And so, the healthiest foods sometimes are having the best nutritional qualities bred right out of them – developed as lowest-common-denominator foods rather than robust, aromatic products that also happen to be good for you.
KC's View:
It is distressing, sometimes, to know that we live in a world where the lowest common denominator of anything is considered to be desirable goal.

It also probably is a signal that we’re getting old and cranky.