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We just want to welcome Rodale Inc. to MNB as a new sponsor, and urge you to click through on either its tile ad or the Corporate DrumBeat information above.

On a regular basis, Rodale will be using MNB to offer information about its stable of lifestyle magazines and the sales opportunity that each of them offer to retailers.

Of course, we think that there is another opportunity here. When we do speeches and retreats around the country, we often speak about the need to find marketing and merchandising ideas in new and unusual places – and one of the things we recommend is looking in magazines (like Women’s Health!) for stories about the issues that are relevant to shoppers.

For example, in the most recent issue there is an article about “foods that fight the flu” – think there may be a few merchandising ideas in there?

So there are three good reasons to check out Rodale’s MNB ads – 1) because they’ll help you sell magazines, 2) because they’ll give you other ideas for selling other, relevant products, and 3) because Rodale is supporting MNB, making it possible for you to continue to get this news service free every day.
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