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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that a blind student at the University of California at Berkeley has filed a class action lawsuit against Target Corp. complaining that “the retailer is committing civil-rights violations because its Web site is inaccessible to those who cannot see,” and that it “denies blind Californians equal access to goods and services available to those who can see.”

The suit, citing the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), says that Target “excludes the blind from full and equal participation in the growing Internet economy that is increasingly a fundamental part of daily life.”

There are ways that blind people can use the Internet, such as using screen-reading software that vocalizes the information that sighted people would read.

According to the Chronicle, “advocates for the blind said the lawsuit is a shot across the bow for retailers, newspapers and others who have Web sites the blind cannot use. They chose Target because of its popularity and because of a large number of complaints by blind patrons.”

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