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Published reports say that McDonald’s rolled out its new nutritional information program yesterday, demonstrating how, according to the Chicago Tribune, “food boxes and wrappers will carry icons and numbers (but no written words) showing calories, protein, fat, carbs and salt content.

“It helps if you are able to read hieroglyphics.”

Ironically, the program was unveiled in Turin, Italy, site of the upcoming Winter Olympics, where IOC president Jacques Rogge spoke about the virtues of "sound nutrition" and corporate sponsorship.

The Tribune suggests that the wrapping information is at best hard to figure out, and at worse, actually misleading in certain cases.

KC's View:
Rogge may want to talk about sound nutrition, but we suspect he’s a lot more interested in the health of the IOC’s bank account. It seems counter-intuitive to even suggest that world-class athletes are regular McDonald’s users.