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The Toledo Blade reports on how Kroger has managed to earn a 54 percent market share in the Toledo market, up from 45 percent six months ago and 47 percent a year ago. Meanwhile, the same newspaper said that Meijer’s market share dropped to a 19 percent share from 22 percent a year ago.

The report suggests that Kroger has benefited from the closing of A&P’s Farmer Jack and Food Basics stores last year.

However, it seems likely that this kind of dominance by Kroger could be challenged with the opening by Wal-Mart of at least and maybe two new supercenters in the area – which at the very least may seem attractive to Food Basics shoppers.
KC's View:
It seems to us that every retailer – from the biggest chain to the one-store independent – has to proceed from the premise that every customer is in play. Every day. That means both their customers and the other guy’s.

Provide a compelling shopping experience that is relevant to the customer, and people will shop there. But if you don’t bring your A-game every day, people will go elsewhere.

The kind of shifts in consumer patterns taking place in Toledo are a reflection of just how transient customers can be. And there will be more to come, not fewer.