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Good piece in Advertising Age by columnist Marti Barletta about how to market wine to women – and one way is not to emphasize how they are rated by the various “experts.” Rather, she argues, it is about “context.”

Barletta writes that according to Leslie Sbrocco, author of ‘Wine for Women,’ “women tend to be less focused than men on wine ratings, vintage charts and the acquisition process and more interested in personal recommendations and who will be sharing the wine with her. She’s on the lookout for the perfect bottle to commemorate a milestone or compliment a special meal. Men tend to buy wine to impress, and will make decisions based on costs and ratings – and then often will hoard it in a wine cellar or some less expensive facsimile, while for women it is more a matter of who they are sharing the wine with and why.”

“Marketers who recognize these tendencies and incorporate them into advertising and point-of-purchase materials are going to see results,” Barletta writes.
KC's View:
Dontcha’ love it when all or most men are characterized as being crass and craven, driven not by sentiment or real feelings but rather by shallow instincts.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And actually, after the week we’ve had, we’d be the last to complain about mischaracterizations or exaggerations. Rather, we embrace our inner caveman…