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• Publix has signed a deal with The Little Clinic LLC to open medical clinics within Publix stores. The first clinics will be located in the Atlanta, Miami, Orlando and Tampa markets in the first half of 2006.

• The Chicago Sun Times reports that boxed wine is making inroads in terms of customer acceptance. “Though it accounts for only 6 percent of total wine sales at supermarkets,” the Sun Times writes, “boxed wine is selling faster than any other wine segment, ACNielsen reports. Last July, sales by volume of 3-liter boxed wines were up 77 percent over 2004.”

One measure of the shift taking place – even some trendy restaurants are starting to use boxed wine.

• Unilever has signed a deal with PepsiCo to launch a line of Ben & Jerry’s milk shakes later this year. The flavors have not been announced, but they are likely to be versions of traditional Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

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