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Advertising Age reports that the Beer Institute is changing the code of advertising that it has used to self-govern marketing efforts by its member companies. Now, for the first time, people will be allowed to actually drink beer and flirt with each other in TV commercials – something that has been to this point discouraged.

Ad Age notes that it is hard to know what kind of impact the change will have since “the media is the ultimate arbiter of what appears an air and several TV networks, among them Fox, ABC and NBC, have guidelines that still prohibit scenes of drinking in ads.”
KC's View:
We don’t take any of this very seriously, for several reasons.

First of all, we suspect that if you asked the average consumer, he or she would be surprised to find out that people don’t drink or flirt in beer commercials.

Second, wasn't it a beer commercial just a couple of years ago that had a couple of gorgeous women engaging in a wrestling match while rolling around in a pool of water and wearing only the skimpiest of outfits?

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…