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Advertising Age reports that Kraft Foods’ relationship with the South Beach Diet has had a positive effect on the manufacturer’s bottom line. Products keyed to the low-carb diet have generated $170 million in sales during the past 10 months – a healthy number considering that $100 million in sales would have reflected the line’s success.

The numbers also come as something of a surprise because the low-carb fad has been waning over the past year, and many analysts thought that the South Beach connection was unlikely to do Kraft much good.
KC's View:
Count MNB among the analysts who thought wrong on this one.

Clearly, despite the diminishing media being garnered by low carb and the move by consumers onto new fads, a reduction in carbs continues to be a goal for many people trying to drop some weight. Of course, it helps that the South Beach Diet has not been identified as being as hard-core low-carb as, say, the Atkins Diet.

Hard to say what the long-term trend will be, but apparently there is life in this thing yet.