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We reported yesterday about a new in-store marketing device that automatically turns on a 10-second video ad on shelf as a consumer walks by, with plans in place to integrate radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into the system – and someday, the devices could even emit specific and appetizing aromas.

One MNB user responded:

As a customer, these would be really annoying to me, especially if they omitted odors. There are certain smells that can make me nauseous (coffee being one of them) and this would tend to drive me away from that aisle and, quite possibly, the store(s) that have them.

Can you imagine the non-foods section with the toothpaste, deodorant, and hair spray smells???? YUCK!!! (Of course, I am one of those that doesn't want cell phone use to be allowed on airplanes either.)

MNB user Susan Kemp wrote:

I think this is a cool idea and can't wait to see it implemented. (And I dislike the TV at the checkout; I am particular about my commercials!)

I do see a few potential problems. I frequently see younger children grab coupon after coupon from the automated shelf dispenser. Imagine the power of these children when they can repeatedly activate a commercial? And what if you are preoccupied when you shop, focused on reading labels or perhaps slightly hearing impaired?

What happens when a voice activates from a shelf? I suspect there will be several "clean up on aisle 5" announcements when startled hands drop jars!

And yet another MNB user wrote:

My first thought on reading about the motion-detector TVs - can't wait for the kids to run up & down the aisles setting them off. The idea reminds me of the shelf coupon dispensers and how my kids up to age 6 amused themselves pulling one out & waiting for another to pop out.

Still another MNB user wrote:

Ads in the aisles are a good idea, I especially like the plans for appetizing aromas, but what will happen after the novelty wears off? I certainly don't want to be stopped in every aisle, either listening to the ad or stuck behind the mob that is blocking the aisle. Plus, how long will they be on before the stock boys disable the screens because they are sick of hearing the same ads over and over day in and day out.

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