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The East Bay Business Times reports that “Safeway Inc. is likely to be the biggest beneficiary of Albertson's sale,” and is likely to gain market share when “at least some Albertson's stores will close and entire underperforming markets could be abandoned.”

Analysts tell the Business Times that a key to Safeway’s potential growth will be its Lifestyle stores, which suggest that the company has a specific and long-term strategy to define itself in the marketplace.
KC's View:
The worst thing that Safeway could do would be to assume that because Albertsons is going through these changes, some customers will simply try its stores as an alternative.

Most people won’t even know about the changes in ownership, and will continue to be either satisfied or dissatisfied with their Albertsons experience. To poach these customers, Safeway has to be rigorous about creating a compelling alternative and marketing it aggressively.