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A new study by NPD Group says that when it comes to most shopping decisions, it is women who are wearing the pants and who are in the driver’s seat.

MSNBC reports that while “it’s long been accepted that women pick out most of the clothes for the family and decide on home furnishings,” new data suggests that “men defer to women when it comes to choosing movies, restaurants and television shows,” and that “women also decide where to sit in a movie theater, where to shop for food and which guests come to the family home. In fact, the only areas where men said they had any clout involved personal electronics purchases, the family car and setting household budgets.”

In addition, MSNBC writes, “Women are more than twice as likely to be swayed by magazine advertisements, but newspaper ads influence men more, the study showed. Also, men will more often change the channel when a commercial comes on, but women are twice as likely to leave the room.”
KC's View:
This study is only half right.

Our theory is that there are certain cases in which women allow men to think they are making decisions.

But that’s about as far as it goes.