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Advertising Age reports that “top marketers including Coca Cola Co., Colgate-Palmolive Co., Kraft Food’s Maxwell House, Bush Bros. and Tyson Foods have signed on to test a new in-store marketing device that automatically turns on a 10-second video ad on shelf as a consumer walks by.”

And this is just the first step in the development of this new technology. Ad Age reports that plans already are in place to integrate radio frequency identification (RFID) technology into the system – and someday, the devices could even emit specific and appetizing aromas.

“The small devices cost just $300 to manufacture, are battery operated, attachable to store shelves and operated by a remote server the size of a cigar box,” Ad Age reports.
KC's View:
These could be really interesting and fun. Or, they could be enormously annoying.

Unfortunately, we’d bet on the latter. But we’ll reserve judgment until actually seeing one in action.

Used properly – especially to offer cooking directions, menu suggestions or even food safety information – these could be value-added.