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The Detroit Free Press reports on Meijer’s first efforts at creating an in-store medical clinic that will offer consumers convenient and affordable basic health care. Operated by a company called Early Solutions Clinic, the first of them opened in a Meijer store last week, with at least three more expected by summer.

“Like in-store clinics that have opened elsewhere in such retailers as Target, Wal-Mart Stores, Kroger and CVS pharmacies, Early Solutions Clinics offer limited health care services from nurse practitioners for fixed prices,” the Free Press writes. “Appointments aren't necessary and the clinics are open on nights and weekends, when most doctors' offices are not. The clinic anticipates that each visit should take about 15 minutes. Early Solutions' prices range from $39 to $89, with most procedures in the $49 to $59 range.

“A typical doctor's office visit costs more than $100, and a visit to most hospital emergency departments costs a minimum of $350.”
KC's View:
While a number of physicians have expressed alarm at the growth of this trend – no doubt concerned that their fees will be negatively affected, though you’d think they’d be happy about it being less likely that their beepers will go off while trying to make a putt - we were glad to see that the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has recognized the value of making basic medical services affordable and easily available.

This isn’t going to be for every retailer, nor for every consumer. But in many cases, it is going to make absolute sense.