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• The Hartford Courant reports that in order to explain the benefits of various superfoods and to help consumers to incorporate them into a health-friendly diet, “Wild Oats is offering a 48-page guide called ‘The Superfoods - Super You! Healthy Eating Plan’ for $1 a copy. The booklet lists each food and its nutrients and includes ideas for snacks, a four-week menu plan and recipes.” Meal plans, recipes and grocery shopping lists also are available online on the company’s website, backed up by instore cooking demonstrations.

• Published reports say that Coca-Cola is testing a new 11.8-ounce glass bottle with a resealable top in Chicago. Phoenix and Atlanta. At the moment, they are being sold one-at-a-time for $1 apiece in convenience stores, though if they are successful the roll out could become more widespread.
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