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The Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) have issued recommendations for reducing the volume of unsaleable products.

Key recommendations include:
• Unsaleable products should be processed through reclamation centers.
• Trading partners should use product condition data to better understand where and how damage occurs in the supply chain.
• Current data synchronization and registration initiatives should be expanded to help reduce unsaleable product volume.
• Trading partners should continue to use the voluntary guidelines and tools published in the “Joint Industry Report: Product Reclamation Centers in 1990” – now known as the JIR – for efficient product reclamation.
“Despite the advances we have made in supply chain technologies and efficiencies, the costs of unsaleables continue to increase. To change this situation, manufacturers and retailers must work together to identify and correct the root causes of unsaleable products,” said GMA Senior Director of Industry Affairs Karin Croft.

“FMI and its retailer/wholesaler members are committed to working with manufacturers to reduce the cost of unsaleables and enhancing distribution processes,” said FMI Senior Director of Industry Relations Patrick Walsh. “This new report offers a direction for reaching our shared goals.”
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