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CNN reports on how the beer industry, led by Anheuser-Busch, is launching a multimedia campaign to emphasize what it calls “the finer aspects” of beer and reclaim some market share.

In addition to television and print ads, the campaign will be built around a website:

Robert Lachky, A-B’s executive vice president of global industry development, tells CNN that the campaign will address not only the social value of beer – less alcohol, and therefore less drunkenness (MNB’s words, not Lachky’s) – but also the health benefits and the “romantic” aspects of beer.
KC's View:
This probably isn’t something you’d want to build a marketing campaign around, but we had an experience the other night that made us realize something about beer.

(No, not that kind of experience. Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Like a lot of boomers, we’ve moved gradually away from beer in recent years and have been drinking a lot more red wine. But the other evening we were in a restaurant that had a mediocre wine list, but it had a great list of beers. So that’s what we ordered.

Robert B. Parker once had his sleuth Spenser say something along the lines of, “The worst beer I ever had was wonderful.” And he’s right.

There’s a slogan for you, by the way.

Incidentally, in addition to checking out the beer industry’s website, there’s another beer lover’s site that is kind of cool and worth looking at: Check it out.