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• Published reports say that PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division has big plans to rejuvenate the Doritos brand this year, concerned about sales that dropped off by almost two percent last year.

The response will be a new label, new flavors, and a bilingual advertising campaign.

USA Today reports that Unilever is spending some $2.4 million on a 30-second Super Bowl ad for its Dove brand – part of its “real beauty” campaign focusing on inspiring greater self-esteem in women. According to the paper, an “estimated 90 million viewers who'll tune in to ABC's Feb. 5 broadcast will notice the multiethnic ad as an interesting change of pace from monkeys, celebrities and flatulent horses. The risk is that the effect is akin to the proverbial jerked needle on the record putting a screeching halt to the party mood of Super Sunday.

• According to this morning’s USA Today, all the major fast food chains – McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King – have begun the new year with a new emphasis on value meals. “This is more than a winter response to slow sales,” the paper writes. “It's also about their customers' economic stress.”

• Published reports say that Pathmark will close two stores – one in New Jersey, the other in Pennsylvania – calling them “underperforming locations.”
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