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There is a proposal in front of the Missouri state senate that would make it illegal for supermarkets and convenience stores to sell cold beer.

The reason: State Sen. Bill Alter believes that if people had to chill their beer before drinking it, there would be fewer cases of drunk driving because the act of beer drinking would be delayed.

Alter, who also is a police officer, says he got the idea from a fifth grade student.

Retailers are objecting to the proposal, saying that it will be ineffective in stopping people from driving while impaired if they are so inclined.
KC's View:
We have to be honest here. Our first reaction to this was that it was a silly idea.

But then we saw that it was actually generated by a fifth grader, and we gave it another thought – since fifth graders generally are more sensible about things than politicians.

Here’s the question we’d want answered before agreeing to such a legislative solution: How many people who get stopped for drunk driving bought their beer at a supermarket or convenience store, vs. having consumed it at a bar?