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Happy New Year, and welcome to the new

As I mentioned in my email yesterday, I often talk to retailers about the need to make sure their stores are up-to-date - so I decided to take my own advice, and revamp MNB so that it continues to be fresh, compelling and relevant. We still have the same basic features, but we’ve tried to improve the navigation, the archives’ functionality and the look while remaining true to the core offering – “news in context, analysis with attitude.”

We’re also adding a new offering – MorningNewsBeat Radio, which will feature regular weekly commentaries offered via streaming audio. You can access it via the button visible on the left hand side of the page.

For prospective advertisers, we hope we’ve developed a more compelling sponsorship package – and I hope we can talk about it. One of the things that has made me proudest about MNB is the fact that virtually every sponsor I’ve had has decided to feature its products and services on the site because he or she loved reading MNB each morning, and understood that a site with compelling, provocative content is the best climate in which to advertise.

There will, of course, be some glitches and bumps in the road. For example, we’re still in the process of moving the old archives over to the new format…but we expect that this will be completed shortly.

I hope you like what we’ve done. I always say that MNB is as much yours as mine and I look forward to hearing from you.

And now, let’s get down to business…
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