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The Pittsburgh Business Times reports that Giant Eagle is likely considering a bid to acquire Marsh Supermarkets – which recently announced it was “considering options,” including a possible sale.

Neither company is commenting on the possibility, but speculation is that if Giant Eagle made such a move, it would also look to become a public company at the same time. An acquisition would allow Giant Eagle to expand westward into Indiana and western Ohio.

Marsh has annual sales of $1.75 billion, while Giant Eagle generates $5.2 billion in annual revenue.
KC's View:
We’re not sure if it makes sense for Giant Eagle to buy all of Marsh or just cherry-pick specific units. But we have to admit to a level of concern about the possibility that Giant Eagle could become a publicly traded company.

When this happens, it often means that companies are more beholden to stock analysts, traders and shareholders than they are to customers. And that is almost never a positive thing.