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This month’s XtremeRetail23 from Phil Lempert reports on the growth in popularity of wireless checkouts, and how this will reshape the retailing and shopping experience. XR23 writes:

“Looking for proof? Think about the last time you returned a rental car to an airport of any size. You pulled the car into the lot, and someone in a blue or orange or yellow vest came over to you, checked the mileage and gas tank, and then - assuming that you were keeping the charges on your credit card - handed you a receipt. This process almost always cuts time out of the rental car check-in process and restores valuable minutes to the nightmare of checking in at the airline counter and getting through security.

“There's no reason, analysts say, that this same kind of innovation - enabled by advances in wireless network technology - cannot be applied to other kinds of retailing venues. It happens in some restaurants already, as waiters take credit cards and process transactions right at the table.” And it almost certainly is coming to any and all retail formats near you.

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(Full disclosure: MNB “Content Guy” Kevin Coupe is a regular contributor to XR23.)
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