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• Shareholders of Seiyu, the Japanese retailer, have approved Wal-Mart’s acquiring a majority share in the company, increasing its percentage of the company from 42.5 percent to 53.5 percent as of next week.

The shareholders also approved the naming of Wal-Mart international executive Ed Kolodzieski as CEO of Seiyu.

• The Western Farm Press had an interesting piece yesterday about how a University of California-Davis economist says that Wal-Mart is a pretty good company to do business with.

The economist, Robert Cook, says that “says food producers and wholesalers who supply Wal-Mart like supplying produce and other food items for the giant retailer’s supermarket included Super Centers.

“One reason is Wal-Mart pays better prices to packers and shippers that the traditional supermarkets which have cut prices and sacrificed quality and service in a battle with Wal-Mart for consumer food dollars. When they cut prices to consumers, they try to take it out on the produce supplier.”

Increasingly, Cook recently told the national American Agri-Women’s Convention, competitors are trying to differentiate themselves by finding unusual and innovative produce items that mainstream retailers are not carrying.

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