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As predicted by numerous analysts, PepsiCo’s market value exceed Coca-Cola’s for the first time yesterday.

Pepsi’s stock price is up 14 percent this year, giving it a total stock value to $98.4 billion. Coke’s stock price is down a little more than one percent, and the company now has a stock value of $97.9 billion.

This movement is consistent with trends over the past five years, during which Pepsi's sales growth has risen 7.8 percent, and Coca-Cola's has grown 2.4 percent. A decade ago, Coca-Cola's market capitalization was $133 billion, more than double PepsiCo's market cap of $59.4 billion.

Analysts point to Pepsi’s greater willingness to embrace the snack business and the non-carbonated beverage business to fuel its growth.
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