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• Next week, Food Lion will open what is a new prototype for the company, a store with a stand-alone organic/natural foods section that is grouped with the wine department, and what is described as a more shopper-friendly layout.

The company plans to roll out more of the prototype next year, but the timetable and locations have not been divulged.

• The Washington Post notes that when Michael Resnick, former CFO for Ahold’s scandal-ridden US Foodservice division in the US, goes on trial next year, he may be supported by some former associates. The Post reports that Resnick’s attorneys are saying that other former executives for the company are saying that the ex-CFO may not have known about the artificial inflation of profit numbers.

• The New York Times reports that Kellogg Co. plans to start using a new kind of soybean oil, called low-linolenic, replacing trans fats in its baked goods.

CNet News writes that the growth of the DVD market is likely to stall out as the practice of downloading movies and television shows becomes more and more popular. At the same time, the DVD industry is facing another, more uncertain threat from high definition technology, which could make the current DVD format obsolete.
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