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This morning on NBC’s “Today Show,” Phil Lempert will talk about the “five things consumers need to know about food allergies – an important issue as the food industry faces new regulations governing how allergens are identified on food packaging.

Part of the segment will focus on the Food Allergy Buddy Card, created by Lempert and provided as a free service by his website. The site allows people to identify their allergies on a simple ID card that they can hand to people from whom they order food, helping them make sure that products and dishes are prepared with those specific allergies in mind.

Consumers can download and print out the card at:

More than 100,000 consumers already have done so.

If you miss the program when it is aired live, the segment should be available for viewing online this afternoon at:

http://www. /
KC's View:
First of all, full disclosure: MNB Content Guy Kevin Coupe is a regular contributor to

But we’re telling you all this because we happen to think the Food Allergy Buddy Card is a great idea, and one that can be sponsored by retailers as a way of showing consumers that they care about their needs and concerns.

This is a big issue for a lot of people, and retailers can make it work to their advantage.