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Steven Hawks, a health sciences professor at Brigham Young University in Utah, reportedly has come up with a new way to lose weight.

He calls it the “No-Diet Diet,” and says it requires people to be “intuitive eaters” – eating whatever they want, and whenever they are hungry.

The catch – at home and in the office, Hawks surrounds himself with unhealthy, unappetizing and unappealing foods. He says that the constant presence of these foods stifles the desire to eat and gorge himself.

It’s worked for him. He lost 50 pounds and has kept them off for five years.
KC's View:
The idea of eating what you want whenever you are hungry certainly sounds appealing.

But we have a problem with the idea of always having unhealthy, unappetizing and unappealing foods around so that we won’t get hungry.

One of the things we love about food is having lots of it in the refrigerator and freezer, in the cabinets and in the fruit bowl on the counter. We love the look, love the smells, love the promise of a good meal within reach.

We love food. We love eating. And we don’t want to feel guilty about it.

Then again, maybe that’s why we need to lose 20 pounds and he doesn’t.