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Irish retailer Superquinn reportedly has asked Amnesty International to launch an investigation into whether it has unwittingly been importing seafood from Ireland on airplanes that also have been transporting arms to African war zones.

“We are approaching the relevant authorities to get information on it,” the company said in a statement. “While we’re waiting, we are putting a purchase block on the fish. We’re aware of the issues around the transportation of the fish and looking into it, and while we don’t have enough information on it that’s the position we’re adopting.”

Superquinn became aware of the situation because of research being done by the producers of an award-winning documentary, “Darwin’s Nightmare,” that looks at globalization and unintended connections.
KC's View:
Everything is connected in this globalized world of ours. Superquinn can’t be blamed for the suspected connection to arms shipments, but it is doing the right thing by 1) admitting the possibility in public, 2) asking for clarification, and 3) making sure it is beyond reproach in how it responds.

The world isn’t just flat, but incredibly small.