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Good piece in the Boston Globe this week about a guy with a mission – to drink coffee in every one of the planet’s more than 5,000 Starbucks.

Rafael Antonio Lozano tells the Globe that having spent more than $30,000 during the past year and visited almost 5,000 in the US and Canada, as well as 213 overseas, he has found the coffee – always caffeinated coffee, by the way - to be “amazingly consistent.”

Not an easy task to accomplish, of course, if for no other reason than the goal is a moving target – Starbucks opens 11 new stores in the US each week, and plans to add a total of 1,000 units next year alone.
KC's View:
We sympathize. We were close to our goal of having visited every major league baseball stadium for a home game a few years ago, and then these teams started moving into new ballparks, throwing us completely off our game.

We admire him, though. Man has to have goals.